Special Investigations

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Title / Description Audit # Audit Period / Release
15th Judicial District Community Corrections Program

Improper Use of State Time and Resources by Former Executive Director Ron Swindle to Buy Antique Glassware and Other Items on eBay

03291 July 2007
Agriculture, Department of

Theft of $8,702.15 by the Administrative Secretary of the Henderson County Soil Conservation District

02503 Released February 2000
Children's Services, Department of

Improper Authorization of Daycare Services by a Clerk in the Memphis Region

995923 Released April 2000
Children's Services, Department of

Falsification of State Insurance Forms and Subsequent Submission of Improper Claims on Behalf of an Ineligible Recipient

995921 Released October 1999
Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

School Board Member Improperly Obtained $3,988 in Tuition Fee Discounts

10013 Released June 2001
Commerce and Insurance, Department of

Review of Inaction on the Part of Insurance Division Employees Involved in the Regulation of Franklin American Life Insurance Company

03501 Released July 2000
Correctional Enterprises of Tennessee

Intentional Overpayments to Inmates by an Industrial Operations Manager

962901 Released February 1996
Employment Security, Department of

Improper Authorization of $1,810 in Unemployment Benefits and Solicitation of a $540 Kickback by an Interviewer II

993314 Released January 2000
Employment Security, Department of

Falsification of Dependent Information on State Insurance Forms

953324 Released September 1995
Environment and Conservation, Department ofDivision of Solid Waste Assistance

Review of Improper Grant Reimbursement Claims Submitted by Agricenter International, Inc.

992722 Released November 2002
Health, Department of

TennCare Bureau's Alleged Improper Changes to External Survey Report

984322 Released January 1999
Health, Department of

Theft and Improper Redemption of Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Vouchers from the Southland Mall Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee

984301 Released June 1998
Human Services, Department of

Falsification of Dependent Information on State Insurance Forms

964503 Released September 1995
Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, Department of, Health Department of, and the University of Tennessee

Review of Issues Regarding an Employee's Credentials and Positions Held with State Departments and the University of Tennessee

13224 Released October 2002
Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Department of

Falsification of State Insurance Forms and Subsequent Submission of Improper Claims on Behalf of an Ineligible Recipient

963934 Released January 1997
Middle Tennessee State University

Improper Awards by the Financial Aid Director

983213 Released July 1999
Middle Tennessee State University Housing Department

Violations of Purchasing Policies and Procedures

953210 Released September 1995
Nashville State Technical Institute

Theft of $4,679.61

993205 Released October 1999
Nashville State Technical Institute and Columbia State Community College

Review of a Faculty Member's Sick Leave

983212 Released May 1998
Project Return, Incorporated

Improper Use of Agency Credit Cards for Personal Charges

990003 Released July 1999
Safety, Department of

Collection of Payments from Defendants in Lieu of Court Fines and Establishment of an Unauthorized Tennessee Highway Patrol Equipment Account in Unicoi County

04902 Released September 2000
Safety, Department of

Misappropriation of Funds and Theft of Cash Register Tapes from the West Nashville Driver's License Station

964927 Released January 1997
Tennessee Board of Regents

Lead Center Tennessee Small Business Development Center Network Review of Two Contracts Awarded to Jungle Marketing, Inc.

040604152005 April 2005
Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation

Review of Issues Related to the Computer Programming Error That Affected the Cash 3 and Cash 4 Games During the Period July 28, 2007, Through August 20, 2007

in0802 March 2008
Tennessee Human Rights Commission

Review of Falsified Case Documents

081601 Released August 2008
Tennessee Rehabilitative Initiative in CorrectionDepartment of SafetyTennessee State University

Tennessee Rehabilitative Initiative in Correction, Central Garage Department of Safety, Title and Registration Division Tennessee State University, Cooperative Agricultural Research Program Theft of State Property

981003 Released May 2000
Tennessee State University

Review of Issues Related to Dr. James Smith's Tenure as Athletics Director at Tennessee State University

13223 Released April 2004
Tennessee State University

Overpayment to Metropolitan Nashville Police Officers for Security Services, Misappropriation of $2,000 From Bank Deposits, and Misappropriation of $19,474 From Cash to Card Vending Machines

993224 Released May 2000
Tennessee Victims' Coalition Board of Directors

Review of Alleged Improper Conduct by Chairperson

27020 Released February 2002
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Review of Missing Funds

10034 Released January 2012
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Falsification of Official Documents and Misappropriation of Funds

952818 Released May 1996
Tourism Development, Department of

Letter Report to Governor Bredesen Ackermann PR Contract News Production and Distribution Services

Released May 18, 2005
Transportation, Department of

Theft of Property from the Knoxville Garage

981002 Released January 2000
Transportation, Department of

Allegations of Improprieties Involving Road Construction and Railroad Crossing Upgrade Contracts

990017 Released November 1999
Transportation, Department of, Right of Way Division

Improper and Inept Manipulation of Contracts to Obtain Computer Programming Services and Computer Equipment

990019 Released May 2000
Transportation, Department of,Region 3 Maintenance Garage (Nashville)

Review of the Improper Disposal of an Automobile Lift and Misuse of Garage Facilities and Equipment

990016 Released May 1999
University of Tennessee

Review of Issues Related to the Presidency of Dr. John Shumaker

04702 Released October 2003