Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the Office of State Assessed Properties?

You can contact the Office of State Assessed Properties by calling (615) 741-0140 or via email at

Where is your office physically located?

Office of State Assessed Properties
Cordell Hull Building
425 Fifth Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37243

What are the functions of OSAP?

Our three major functions include assessing, appraising, and auditing real and personal property of public utility and transportation companies that have property in the State of Tennessee.

What is a Public Utility Tax?

Factually, there is no such thing as a public utility tax; however, there is a property tax that the class of public utilities pay.

What type of property is assessable by OSAP?

OSAP assesses real, intangible and/or tangible personal property owned, leased and/or used. Note: Real Property owned has to be in the exact name of the company.

Who is assessable by the Office of State Assessed Properties?

OSAP assesses 18 types of public utility and transportation companies with a presence in the State of Tennessee- such as airlines, motor carrier, railroads, wireless managment, etc. See link below for a complete list of company types. T.C.A. § 67-5-1301

How do I file with OSAP and where do I get the Ad Valorem Tax Report?

An Ad Valorem Tax Report must be filed annually with OSAP in order to receive an accurate assessment of your property. Download and print report here. Once completed, mail it to:

Office of State Assessed Properties
Cordell Hull Building
425 Fifth Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37243
Phone: (615) 741-0140
Fax: (615) 741-0142

Is electronic filing possible?

Electronic Filing is available for all company types. Please click here to access the online system.

When is the Ad Valorem Tax Report due?

The Ad Valorem Tax Report is due on or before April 1 of each year. The report is not considered late if it is postmarked by April 1. T.C.A. §67-5-1303

Can I fax the Ad Valorem Tax Report to OSAP?

No, the tax report should be mailed to our office by the statutory deadline.

Can I obtain a copy of a filed Ad Valorem Tax Report?

Yes, you can obtain a copy for a charge of $25.00 per report.

When do I receive my Ad Valorem assessment?

On or before the first Monday in August, assessments shall be completed and notices will be mailed to each company by our office. T.C.A. §67-5-1327

What happens if I fail to file an Ad Valorem Report?

You will receive a forced assessment in addition to losing your rights to appeal in front of the State Board of Equalization. T.C.A. §67-5-1317

If I file an Ad Valorem Tax Report, do I need to file a tangible personal property schedule with the local county assessor's office?

Property reported on the Ad Valorem Tax Report should not be reported to the local county assessor's office.

Call us at 615-741-0140 if you need additional clarification on this.

What should I do if I made a mistake on a previously filed return?

You have until September 1 following the tax year to submit an amended return. T.C.A. §67-5-903(e)

What should I do if OSAP makes a mistake on the assessment?

You have to make it known to our office on or before March 1 following the second tax year. T.C.A. §67-5-509

What should I do if I disagree with the assessment, even though OSAP personnel deemed it correct?

Only if you filed a return, you have the right to appeal within 10 days after the first Monday in August. T.C.A. §67-5-1327

Who can I contact regarding legal issues?

Please contact Stephanie Maxwell at (615) 401-7964 or via email at or Kelsie Jones at (615) 747-5379 or via email at

How do I calculate my assessment?
Assessments are calculated based on the company type. Refer to the links below.
Do I owe the dollar amount of my assessment?

No, your assessed value is not the amount of taxes you owe. After you receive your final equalized assessment, apply the related county ratio and then the appropriate city and county tax rate.

Who sends the tax bill and when do I receive it?

Your tax bill will come from your County Trustee's office by mid-January. It's due on or before March 1. If you fail to pay by the due date, penalties and interest are applicable. T.C.A. §67-5-2010

Do I need to complete a tax return if I started a business after 1/1 of the current tax year?

No, OSAP statutory lien date is 1/1 of the current tax year. For example, if you start in May of 2012, you will have to complete a 2013 Ad Valorem Tax Report due on April 1, 2013. In this case, you would not be required to file a 2012 Ad Valorem Tax Report.

Do I need to complete a tax return if I sell a business in the middle of the year?

Yes, since you were operating the business as of 1/1 of that tax year, then you are liable to pay property taxes for the entire year.

What should I do if my company has gone out of business?

Write a letter stating that your company is no longer operating, list the date it went out of business, who you sold your assets to and/or how the assets were disposed of. In regard to truck companies, also submit your insurance cancellation and motor carrier authority cancellation.

How do I cancel my motor carrier authority?

You can cancel your authority on line by clicking here. You can also call FMSCA's Tennessee office at 615-781-5781.

What should I do if get a pre-bill from the City of Memphis?

The City of Memphis has different collection periods. If you get a bill in the middle of the year, pay it when it is due to avoid any additional penalities or interest. If the actual assessment is higher or lower than the previous assessment (pre-bill), you will either get a credit or an additional tax bill by mid-January.

Why would I be audited by OSAP?

Potential audits are randomly selected. You're at a greater risk of being audited if you fail to file a report, inconsistently file reports or if it appears that you have used depreciated costs. T.C.A. §67-5-1320

How long does it take to perform the audit?

Auditors are normally in the field for three days or less. You will receive the audit results within 60 days after the audit.

What can result from the audit?

If the auditors discover additional property, you can be back assessed based on the audit findings. Back assessment means in addition to your original assessment. T.C.A. §67-1-1005. T.C.A. §67-1-1007

What type of property does OSAP appraise?

OSAP conducts real property (land & building) appraisals.

How can I acquire railroad maps?

Please contact Ben Baggett at 615-747-5236 or via email at to obtain railroad maps.

What if I have a specific question regarding real property?

Any type of real property question should be directed to OSAP's Appraisal Supervisor Mr. Ben Baggett at 615-747-5236 or via email He can address real property questions regarding railroads, cellular towers, railroad right-of-ways, annexations, Special School District information and etc.