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Betsy Knotts

Local Government Finance

Betsy Knotts, JD is the Director of the Division of Local Government Finance (LGF). In this role, Betsy is responsible for supervising LGF staff, assisting local governments in areas of municipal finance, and providing research and support to the Tennessee General Assembly. Since Betsy joined the Comptroller’s Office in 2013, she has served as counsel to the Utility Management Review Board and the Water & Wastewater Financing Board and has focused her expertise on tax incentive programs and local government financial transactions. In addition, she served as the Executive Secretary to the State Board of Equalization from May of 2017 until July of 2020.

Prior to joining the Comptroller’s Office in November 2013, Betsy practiced public finance law at the Texas Attorney General’s Office and also worked for the Tennessee Attorney General’s Financial Division. She is a member of both the Texas and Tennessee Bar.

Betsy is a Fulbright Scholar and a graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans where she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music and German Literature. She received her Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Civil Law from the Paul M. Hebert Louisiana State University Law Center in Baton Rouge. Betsy is also a 2016 graduate of LEAD Tennessee and currently serves on the board of the Tennessee Chapter of Women in Public Finance, Inc.

Betsy also serves as the Comptroller's designee and chairman of both the Utility Management Review Board and the Water & Wastewater Financing Board.

Betsy and her husband Chris have two children and a labradoodle named Oliver. Betsy and her husband are both interested in music, and Betsy has even been known to compare transactional law to music theory.