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Campus Connect LIVE!

Each summer, we invite students to attend a live event where they can connect with Comptroller staff and learn more about careers in governmental auditing.   We will be hosting this Campus Connect event virtually on June 16, 2021.   To get a sneak peak at what this event will offer, watch the video below! 

Let's Get Connected!

If you are ready to make the connection, please sign up and submit your résumé here.  Questions may be directed to Lauren by email or by phone at 615.401.7902.



Benefits of the Program

You will learn from experienced auditors about the skills and thought processes needed to conduct:

  • Financial and compliance audits
  • Performance audits
  • Information systems audits
  • State agency audits
  • TennCare/Medicaid program audits
  •  Local government audits


You will also hear from Comptroller’s Office auditors who jumpstarted their careers in our office by completing the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury’s Summer Audit Internship Program as students. Most importantly, you will leave with a better understanding of the career opportunities that are available to you in the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office.