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Mapping Tennessee Education

August 2022
Author: Cassie Stinson

Welcome to OREA’s Mapping Tennessee Education. This portal provides education data on schools and school districts for the 2020-21 school year. There are two dashboards: one for public schools and one for non-public schools. Both dashboards can be sorted by school district, school, and legislative district (both House and Senate). You can also search for a specific county or school using the blue magnifying glass in the top right corner. 

The public schools dashboard provides a variety of school and district data, including:

  • Number of schools, classrooms, and students in a district;
  • Student demographics for special education, economically disadvantaged, and English Learners;
  • Salary averages for educators, instructors, principals, and superintendents; and,
  • Per pupil expenditures by school for federal and state and local funding.

Additional school and district information is available by selecting a school on the map. Information in the pop-up boxes include school addresses, graduation rates, and degree attainment totals by district.

To navigate the public schools dashboard, use the white arrows at the bottom of the indicators to scroll through additional information. In the pie chart for “classroom breakdown,” you can hover over the pie chart for the count and percentages of each category. Information in the left column (number of schools, school names, and student demographics) are available by individual school. All remaining information (information in the right column and across the bottom) are district-level totals. To see district-specific totals, filter by a district, school, or legislative district. Please note that some legislative districts cover more than one school district or only part of a single school district. If selecting a legislative district, you will need to select a school district (if applicable) to see the district-level data for the selected school district

The non-public schools dashboard provides information on the total number of students and teachers for each school. Selecting a school on the map will bring up additional information in the pop-up box, including the grades served by the school, the category of non-public schools, the accrediting association, profit/non-profit status, and contact information for the school.

Data limitations:

Most data in the dashboards is self-reported by school districts. Totals are not independently verified by state agencies or the Comptroller’s Office and are dependent on school districts correctly and completely filling out requested information. In both maps, data that was unavailable or not reported is represented by a zero (0). When no filters are applied, zeros (0) will be shown for totals that are not available at the state-level.

In the public schools map, student totals were suppressed if there were less than 10 students in a given category. Data suppression is used to protect student identities and personal information by removing select totals. In this case, if there were fewer than 10 students in a category, totals were suppressed. For suppressed counts, nine (9) is used to represent the maximum number of possible students for that category.

Viewing tip:

On some screens, some numbers in the dashboard may be cut off. To fix the issue, zoom out on your web browser to adjust the screen size.

OREA updates the maps each year with the latest data from the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE), the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (TACIR), and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Click here to view a video tutorial that provides an overview of how the dashboard works and the information available in the dashboard.

Click on the links above to open the Mapping Tennessee Education application.

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