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Mapping Tennessee Education

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Welcome to OREA’s Mapping Tennessee Education. This portal provides education data on schools and school districts for the 2017-18 school year. Multiple maps allow users to view the data in a variety of ways, by:

  • all schools and districts, overlaid with legislative districts, both Senate and House,
  • type of school district, and
  • private schools, overlaid with legislative districts, both Senate and House.

All the maps are interactive – zoom in, zoom out – and searchable by legislator, school district, and school. OREA updates the maps each year with the latest data from the Tennessee Department of Education.

Click on the link above to open the Mapping Tennessee Education application. Summaries and legends are included to the left of each map and include links to additional OREA resources, including our Defining Tennessee Education Glossary and BEP Calculator.

Links below include individual school district profiles for members of the House and Senate Education members for the 111th Tennessee General Assembly.


Akbari, Raumesh* D District 29
Bailey, Paul R District 15
Bell, Mike* R District 9  
Bowling, Janice R District 16
Briggs, Richard R District 7  
Crowe, Rusty* R District 3  
Dickerson, Steven* R District 20
Gardenhire, Todd R District 10
Gilmore, Brenda D District 19
Gresham, Dolores** R District 26
Haile, Ferrell* R District 18
Hensley, Joey* R District 28
Jackson, Ed R District 27
Johnson, Jack R District 23
Kelsey, Brian* R District 31
Kyle, Sara D District 30
Lundberg, Jon* R District 4  
Massey, Becky Duncan R District 6  
McNally, Lt. Gov. Randy R District 5  
Niceley, Frank S. R District 8  
Pody, Mark R District 17
Powers, Bill R District 22
Reeves, Shane R District 14
Roberts, Kerry R District 25
Robinson, Katrina D District 33
Rose, Paul R District 32
Southerland, Steve R District 1  
Stevens, John R District 24
Swann, Art R District 2  
Watson, Bo R District 11
White, Dawn R District 13
Yager, Ken R District 12
Yarbro, Jeff D District 21

* Senate Education Committee member
** Senate Education Committee chair


Baum, Charlie* R District 37
Beck, Bill D District 51
Boyd, Clark R District 46
Bricken, Rush R District 47
Byrd, David* R District 71
Calfee, Kent R District 32
Camper, Karen D. D District 87
Carr, Dale R District 12
Carter, Mike R District 29
Casada, Glen R District 63
Cepicky, Scott* R District 64
Chism, Jesse D District 85
Clemmons, John Ray* D District 55
Cochran, Mark* R District 23
Coley, Jim*** R District 97
Cooper, Barbara D District 86
Crawford, John R District 1  
Curcio, Michael G. R District 69
Daniel, Martin R District 18
DeBerry, John J., Jr.* D District 90
Dixie, Vincent* D District 54
Doggett, Clay R District 70
Dunn, Bill* R District 16
Eldridge, Rick R District 10
Faison, Jeremy R District 11
Farmer, Andrew R District 17
Freeman, Bob D District 56
Gant, Ron M. R District 94
Garrett, Johnny R District 45
Griffey, Bruce R District 75
Hakeem, Yusuf D District 28
Halford, Curtis R District 79
Hall, Mark R District 24
Hardaway, G. A.  D District 93
Haston, Kirk** R District 72
Hawk, David* R District 5  
Hazlewood, Patsy R District 27
Helton, Esther R District 30
Hicks, Gary R District 9  
Hill, Matthew R District 7  
Hill, Timothy R District 3  
Hodges, Jason* D District 67
Holsclaw, Jr., John B. R District 4  
Holt, Andy H. R District 76
Hood, Casey R District 77
Howell, Dan R District 22
Hulsey, Bud R District 2  
Hurt, Chris* R District 82
Jernigan, Darren D District 60
Johnson, Curtis G. R District 68
Johnson, Gloria* D District 13
Keisling, Kelly R District 38
Kumar, Sabi 'Doc' R District 66
Lafferty, Justin R District 89
Lamar, London D District 91
Lamberth, William R District 44
Leatherwood, Tom* R District 99
Littleton, Mary R District 78
Love, Harold M., Jr.* D District 58
Lynn, Susan R District 57
Marsh, Pat R District 62
Miller, Larry J. D District 88
Mitchell, Bo D District 50
Moody, Debra*** R District 81
Moon, Jerome R District 8  
Ogles, Brandon R District 61
Parkinson, Antonio* D District 98
Potts, Jason D District 59
Powell, Jason D District 53
Powers, Dennis R District 36
Ragan, John*** R District 33
Ramsey, Bob R District 20
Reedy, Jay D. R District 74
Rudd, Tim R District 34
Rudder, Iris* R District 39
Russell, Lowell R District 21
Sexton, Cameron Speaker R District 25
Sexton, Jerry* R District 35
Shaw, Johnny D District 80
Sherrell, Paul R District 43
Smith, Robin R District 26
Sparks, Mike R District 49
Staples, Rick D District 15
Stewart, Mike D District 52
Terry, Bryan R District 48
Thompson, Dwayne D District 96
Tillis, Rick R District 92
Todd, Chris R District 73
Towns, Joe, Jr. D District 84
Travis, Ron R District 31
Van Huss, James (Micah) R District 6  
Vaughan, Kevin* R District 95
Weaver, Terri Lynn* R District 40
White, Mark** R District 83
Whitson, Sam R District 65
Williams, Ryan R District 42
Windle, John Mark* D District 41
Wright, Dave R District 19
Zachary, Jason R District 14

* House EducationCommittee member
** House Education Committee chair
** House Education Sub-committee chair

Data provided to OREA by the Tennessee Department of Education. The demographic and achievement data tied to each school district and school reflects the 2017-18 school year as shown in TDOE's Profile Data Files for 2017-18. Private schools reflect those schools registered as active nonpublic school listed with TDOE as of October 2018. 

For any questions regarding how to use the mapping application or the data contained with the maps, please contact OREA -