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Attorneys General Weighted Caseload Studies


April 2019

Tennessee Code Annotated 16-2-513 requires the Comptroller of the Treasury to maintain and update a weighted caseload study for the state judges, district attorneys, and public defenders. Due to insufficient data and outdated case weights, the Comptroller's Office will not publish weighted caseload studies for Tennessee's District Attorneys and District Public Defenders. Memos to the Tennessee General Assembly are included below. 

Memorandums Concerning Attorneys General and District Public Defenders Weighted Caseload Studies

2018 (Released April 2019)

2017 (Released May 2018)

2016 (Released April 2017)

2015 (Released May 2016)

2014 (Released April 2015)

2012 (Released February 2013)

2011 (Released December 2011)

2010 (Released January 2011)