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Home Schooling in Tennessee


Home Schooling in Tennessee

April 2018

Author: Elizabeth DeWeese


 Legislative Brief


In Tennessee, K-12 students have three basic school options: public school or private school (both of which may be offered at either traditional brick and mortar sites or virtual school sites), or a home school. A home school is a school directed by a parent or legal guardian for his or her own children.

Tennessee law allows parents to home school their children in grades K-12 using one of two options: an independent home school or a church-related umbrella school. For both types of home school, the parent is the teacher and bears the responsibility for selecting and following a curriculum; neither type of home school is required to follow state academic standards or any
particular curriculum. This legislative brief takes a closer look at home schooling in Tennessee and includes: an explanation of the two different types of home schooling; a comparison of the two types regarding testing requirements, sports participation, high school diplomas, and other issues; and an estimate of the number of home school students. A related infographic and snapshot are also provided.