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Industrial Development Boards - Debt Reporting

Pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 7-53-304, each Industrial Development Board (IDB) must maintain an aggregate listing of its current debt, including conduit debt obligations, in accordance with guidelines approved by the State Funding Board.  Each IDB must file the listing annually and must file notice of default of any of its debt obligations.  The State Funding Board has approved guidelines that must be followed by IDBs when preparing and submitting the required information.  Please see the documents below for further instruction and assistance. 

FY 2019 Annual Debt Reporting Memo

Tennesse State Funding Board Guidelines - Debt Reporting by IDBs

Public Chapter 529, Acts of 2018

Annual Report on Outstanding Debt - Blank Form

Annual Report on Outstanding Debt - Example

Notice of Default - Blank Form

Notice of Default - Example