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Public Records Requests

The Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury adopted a Public Records Policy pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated §10-7-503(g) regarding access to public records as provided under the Tennessee Public Records Act. Many public records are currently available on the website.

Requests for inspection and for copies should be made to the Public Records Request Coordinator (PRRC) for the Comptroller’s Office. Ann Butterworth serves as the PRRC. The contact information for the PRRC is:

  • Mail or Hand Delivery: Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury, Division of Administration, Cordell Hull Building, 425 5th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243
  • Fax: 615.741.1551 
  • Email:

Requests for inspection only may be submitted to the PRRC by phone at 615.401.7786. Requests for copies must be in writing, using an email that clearly and concisely expresses the requestor's name, contact information, a brief description of the records, and whether the request is for inspection or copies. Additionally, a request form will also be accepted.

Under the Policy, proof of Tennessee citizenship is required for both inspection and copies and will be satisfied by presentation of a valid Tennessee Driver License.

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