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Community Demographic Profiles

Click here to view a community demographic profile for each of the 33 Senate and 99 House Districts.

Redistricting Maps

Click here to view and downland maps including County Commission Districts and Voting Precinct boundaries in Tennessee.

Click here to view and download maps of all 33 Tennessee Senate Districts.

Click here to view and download maps of all 99 Tennessee House Districts.

Click here to view and download maps of all nine U.S. Congressional Districts in the State of Tennessee.

Land Use and Parcel Data

Geographic Services produces land use maps and data quarterly from property assessment data extracted from the state's IMPACT CAMA system. 

Geographic Services is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and distribution of the statewide parcel data. This data is provided in GIS compatible format.

County Index maps enable users to find a set of maps covering their regions of interest along with the name or number of the relevant map sheet. These maps are provided in PDF format.

Other Maps and Interactive Dashboards

Use this dashboard to search by address for each voter's local, state, and Congressional district assignments.

These maps provide education data on schools and schools districts. There are two interactive dashboards: one for public schools and one for non-public schools.

This interactive map allows you to examine investigations performed by the Comptroller's Office.

This unique story map includes information about the Tennessee Property Tax Relief Program including how to apply.