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TLDA Loan Programs

In fiscal year 2010, The Tennessee Local Development Authority received funds in the amount of $2,190,000 for the State Infrastructure Fund Loan Program (SIF Loan Program). The funds were transferred from the  Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to the Authority after the creation of the Tennessee Transportation State Infrastructure Fund Act pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated 4-31-1201.The State Infrastructure Program provides assistance to Local Government Units in the construction of transportation infrastructure projects that provide public benefits by enhancing mobility or safety, promoting economic development, or increasing the quality of life and general welfare of the public.

For more information of the SIF Loan Program please contact:

Paul D. Degges, P.E. 
Deputy Commissioner and Chief Engineer 
Tennessee Department of Transportation 
Suite 700 James K. Polk Building 
505 Deaderick Street 
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0349 
615-741-0791 Phone 
615-741-0865 Fax