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Comptroller’s Office Releases Online K-12 Dashboard

Wednesday, December 01, 2021 | 09:00am

The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office of Research and Education Accountability (OREA) has created an interactive online dashboard displaying key data about K-12 public education. The new dashboard includes data and trend lines on student demographics, salaries and personnel, and state and local revenues for education.

Users can toggle between districts to view district-level as well as statewide data.

The first tab of the dashboard highlights the total average daily membership (ADM) by year for each district. Additionally, each district’s ADM is broken down by demographic and special population category (students with disabilities, students who are economically disadvantaged, and students with limited English proficiency).

The second tab defines four position types (licensed educators, instructional personnel, classroom teachers, and principals) and gives the statewide average salary for each. Interactive graphs show the district’s personnel by position type, each position type’s average salary, and the percent increase in average salary from year to year.

The third tab displays state and local revenues for each district, including a percentage breakdown of state funding sources such as the Basic Education Program (BEP). The district’s annual dollar amount of BEP funding is highlighted as well as sources of local revenue.

OREA created a narrated video to accompany the dashboard, and both can be viewed at the Comptroller’s website:

The data used in the dashboard comes from a report published annually by the Tennessee Department of Education.

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