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Bond Procedures

State laws in Tennessee require various local government officials to execute a statutory bond for each term of office. All Bonds must be filed in the office of the County Clerk .

Please review the worksheet OFFICIAL BONDS – SNAPSHOT INFORMATION which identifies the Office/Agency, indicates the statutory authority related to the requirement for each bond, indicates the minimum amount of bond required, and indicates the term of office.

The amount of bond and term of office is according to the applicable statute reference. For some officials this is a specific amount as stated in the law. For some officials the amount of bond is based on the amount of revenues. For other officials, the amount of bond is determined by the legislative body or presiding judge.

All bonds, must be executed on the appropriate BOND FORM which has been prescribed by the Comptroller of the Treasury and approved by the State Attorney General. All signatures must be original. All notarizations must be by Notary Publics and stamped or sealed. All bonds must be recorded in the Office of the Register of Deeds prior to being filed with the County Clerk. All bonds must be for the complete term of office. All bonds must have the Surety power-of-attorney documentation attached.

Please notify the state Emergency Communications Board of the filing of all ECD bonds

Tennessee Emergency Communications Board
or 615.253.2164