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Dashboard of per pupil expenditures by school

Per pupil expenditures, 2018-19

This interactive dashboard filters the average district-level and school-level per pupil expenditure figures as well as demographic information (e.g., number of students with disabilities, English learner students, and students classified as economically disadvantaged) for school districts and schools. 

To use the dashboard, select a school district from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the screen. The information will update for the selected district across all three tabs of the dashboard. You can toggle between the tabs by clicking on the < or > arrows at the bottom of the dashboard screen. It is not advisable to isolate a single factor as the reason certain schools in a district spend more per pupil than others. Districts must account for a variety of factors when allocating funds to schools.

The first tab highlights district-level finance and demographic information. 

The second tab highlights school level financial information for each school in the selected district. Hover over the bar chart at the top of the screen to view demographic information for an individual school. The table at the bottom breaks down the school level expenditure categories that total the school-level per pupil expenditure amount. Combined with the district-level per pupil expenditure amount, which is the same for every school in the district, the total school per pupil expenditure figure is shown in the purple column on the far right side of the table.

The third tab displays three bubble maps that illustrate how much each school in the selected school district spent filtered by three demographic categories - students classified as economically disadvantaged, limited English proficient (also referred to as English learners), and students with disabilties.