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American Rescue Plan Act Guidance for Local Governments


Local governing bodies throughout Tennessee must ensure familiarity with the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The Act, which includes more than $2.2 billion in Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, also raises questions about expenditure eligibility, accounting, reporting requirements, and other issues.

The Tennessee Comptroller's Office has created these resources to address some of these questions. We also provide other information relavant to local governments below. This webpage will be continually updated.

American Rescue Plan Act

Tennessee Guidance from the Comptroller's Office

U.S. Treasury Guidance
Treasury Submission Portal
All Tennessee counties and the 18 Metropolitan/Entitlement cities that are eligibile to receive funding directly from the U.S. Treasury should submit a request for funding through the Treasury Submission Portal to initiate the process.
Non-entitlement cities should not request funds through the portal. These 327 cities will receive more information from the Tennessee Department of Finance & Administration