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County Board of Equalization Training & Certification

Welcome to the 2021 County Board of Equalization Training and Certification program. This online virtual training option is designed to meet the 4-hour annual training requirement of Tenn. Code Ann. § 67-1-403. 

This training is designed to assist County Board of Equalization members with common issues and lays out general procedures they should follow. To assist board members with key aspects of this training please find below a copy of the presentation slides and a fill-in-the-blank training workbook. 

As of April 29, 2021, county boards are required to conduct essential business in person. In accordance with Tennessee’s ongoing commitment to transparency in government, these meetings must be open to the public and the board must provide adequate public notice prior to the meeting. County boards are authorized to permit taxpayers or other parties to an appeal to appear telephonically, but the board itself must have a physical quorum present. For additional information on open meetings and telephonic hearings, please refer to the training video posted below. You may also contact the State Board at 615-401-7883 or with any questions. 


Once a quorum of county board members have completed this virtual training the County Mayor will need to fill out and sign the County Board of Equalization Training Certification Form available below.