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University dashboards

Figures in the dashboards for the current year represent recommended appropriations. Actual appropriations are not final until after approval from the legislature. Thus, the following year’s reporting of the previous year’s appropriation may differ from that shown in the previous year’s dashboard. For instance, the 2021-22 dashboard shows a recommended appropriation of $1.12 billion for 2021-22, while the final 2021-22 appropriation reported in the 2022-23 dashboard is $1.17 billion. Also note that the percentage growth displayed on the appropriations page is the average growth of all institutions when no institution is selected, rather than the growth in the total university appropriation.

Due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the five-year review of the outcomes-based funding formula scheduled for 2020 was postponed. THEC used the 2015-2020 formula to make the 2021-22 and 2022-23 formula recommendations. Some minor formula changes were implemented for the 2022-23 recommendations after approval from the THEC Commission in 2021, however, including a change in scaling between associate and bachelor’s degrees for universities. As such, bachelor's and associate degrees are shown separately in the 2022-23 dashboard under “combined outcomes.” Universities that offer associate degrees are indicated with a green check next to the outcome. Further changes to the formula made in the upcoming five-year review will be reflected in future dashboards.  

University dashboard 2022-23

University dashboard 2021-22

University dashboard 2020-21