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Property Tax Incentive Programs

PILOT Reporting

Payment in Lieu of Tax (PILOT) Agreements must report annually to the Comptroller of the Treasury.

Tax Increment Financing

Tax Increment Financing areas must report annually to the Comptroller of the Treasury.

Department of Economic and Community Development:

The Comptroller of the Treasury is responsible for receiving annual reports regarding certain forms of property tax incentive programs and is charged with the review of others.

 Jointly involved in these tasks is the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development. Businesses interested in doing business in Tennessee may want to visit their website to learn about other possible incentives. 

As part of entering into a payment in lieu of tax agreement a cost-benefit analysis must be included. See the below cost-benefit analysis provided by the Department of Economic and Community Development. 

Reporting Overview:

State law requires annual tax incentive statements to be filed with the Comptroller’s office by October 1st of every year. Click the info-graphic here to see more information about the annual reporting requirements. 

PILOT and TIF Reporting Information