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Please note, links to presentations used in each budget related video are provided below the following budget related videos:

Basic Revenue Estimating

Annual Budget Memorandum

Cover Letter

Budget Summary Schedule

Schedule of Outstanding Debt

Municipal Budget Ordinance

Please note, links to presentations used in each cash flow forecasting video are provided below the following cash flow forecasting videos:

Cash Flow Forecast Schedule 

Basic Cash Flow Estimating 

Links to Presentations from Cash Flow Forecasting Videos

Cash Flow Forecast Schedule

Basic Cash Flow Estimating

Cash Flow Management


A local government’s ability to track how much revenue is coming into the government and how much is going out is vital to its fiscal health. Local governments that rely heavily on property taxes will need larger cash reserves to fund governmental services until tax revenue is received. Prior to its adoption, the budget must contain adequate revenues along with cash on hand to fund the government throughout the year. In addition, local governments need to have plans in place if additional sources of liquidity either internally (interfund tax anticipation note “TAN”) or externally (bank issued TAN) prove to be necessary. [TCA § 9-21-801]

Forecasting Budgetary Amounts


Mechanisms for forecasting revenues and expenditures that consider economic trends and growth rates provide for reliable revenue estimates. Local governments that do not routinely forecast budgetary amounts may find revenues overstated and expenditures understated. [TCA § 9-21-403]