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Office of Local Government

The Office of Local Government (OLG) develops and uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to assist the Division of Property Assessments and local assessors of property in daily operations. GIS is also used to assist local governments with redistricting. The Office of Local Government serves as the liaison to the U.S. Census Bureau's Local Redistricting Data Program. Using census data, the office produces digital maps, as well as publishes county commission districts and voting precinct maps.

The Office of Local Government is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and distribution of the statewide parcel data produced through the Tennessee Base Mapping Program (TNBMP).

The Office of Local Government serves and assists all 95 Tennessee counties with local redistricting, with delineating voter precincts & serves as liaison to the U. S. Census Bureau's Redistricting Data Program.

The Office of Local Government  produces land use maps and data quarterly from property assessment data extracted from the state's IMPACT CAMA system.