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Financial Exploitation of the Elderly in Tennessee


October 2020

Authors: Kim Potts and Kristina Podesta

Executive Summary
Legislative Brief

Elder financial exploitation is the wrongful or unauthorized use of the assets, funds, or property of elderly individuals. Those who exploit the elderly may include family members, businesses, acquaintances, and strangers.

OREA’s report provides background information about the issue of elder financial exploitation, summarizes relevant research, and describes the legislation that the General Assembly has passed over the last five years in an effort to address elder financial exploitation in Tennessee. The report also includes an evaluation of the state’s patchwork of state and local entities that protect elderly Tennesseans, including Adult Protective Services (APS) – the agency most closely associated with issues concerning elder abuse.

 The report addresses stakeholders’ views about potential gaps that remain in the system, as well as noting areas of progress. It concludes with policy options for consideration by the General Assembly and relevant stakeholders.