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Weighted Caseload Studies


State law requires the Comptroller's Office to maintain and update the judicial weighted caseload study annually to compare the state's existing judicial resources with an estimate of the judicial resources needed.

Several changes were made to this year’s update, including the inclusion of workers’ compensation cases back into the caseload estimation.

Judicial Map 2017
Legislative brief

As directed by the General Assembly, in 2013, the Comptroller's Office contracted with the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) to conduct a new time study of the state trial court judges. This report reflects the estimated judicial resources needed to resolve cases coming before state trial courts in FY2012-13. According to the NCSC, the weighted caseload model presented in this report should be a starting point for determining judicial need; other qualitative factors should also be taken into account when determining judicial staffing needs.

Full report


State law requires the Comptroller's Office to maintain and update a weighted caseload study for district attorneys and public defenders annually to compare existing resources with an estimate of the resources needed. Due to insufficient data and outdated case weights, the Comptroller's Office has not published weighted caseload studies for Tennessee's District Attorneys and District Public Defenders since FY 2005-06. Memos to the Tennessee General Assembly are included below.