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Transparency of Business Incentives in Tennessee

September 2018
Author: Kristina Podesta

Legislative Brief  

Tennessee uses a diverse array of incentives to entice businesses and industries to relocate to Tennessee, begin or expand operations, or remain in the state. Tennessee’s toolbox of incentives includes PILOT agreements, tax credits, tax exemptions, grants, and other programs.
Each type of business incentive is subject to different regulations and is administered by different government entities at the state and local level. The degree of transparency differs across business incentive programs. Transparency for some incentives involves public hearings, annual reports, or periodic evaluations. Details regarding specific business incentives may be kept confidential to avoid harming the state’s recruitment efforts.
Transparency of Business Incentives in Tennessee provides a catalog of Tennessee’s business incentives, an assessment of the current level of transparency for each incentive, overall conclusions, and policy options. A summary infographic is also provided.