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Educator Sexual Misconduct Involving Students in Tennessee Schools


January 2018
Authors: Kim Potts and Tara Bergfeld

Executive Summary
Full Report
Legislative Update (June 2018)

The report provides an examination of Tennessee’s laws, policies, and practices concerning the prevention and reporting of the sexual abuse of children by school personnel. The report considers whether there are areas of risk or weakness that could be improved and compares Tennessee's practices to those of other states.

The report is organized in sections to reflect five areas of focus:

  • Safeguards and risks in hiring school personnel – hiring practices for school personnel in Tennessee;
  • State record keeping of educator misconduct cases– the processes followed by the State Board of Education and the Tennessee Department of Education’s Office of Educator Licensure in cases of educator misconduct;
  • Federal requirements concerning the hiring of school personnel – school personnel hiring practices and other relevant laws adopted in other states;
  • Clarity in law and policies – relevant state laws and school district policies, particularly with regard to making school employees aware of expectations and responsibilities; and
  • Child sexual abuse prevention curriculums – what children are taught in schools concerning personal safety